Homebuyer Workshops

Our Homebuyer classes give you the important facts about how to successfully buy a home. Take the online class in the comfort of your home, or attend a class in Linn or Benton County locations.

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Homebuyer Consultation

We recommend you start by first meeting with one of our Housing Specialists. Together we’ll build an action plan suited to your specific needs. And, we’ll provide ongoing support as you prepare for and search for your home, get your financial package in order, work with your Realtor® and team, and negotiate with the seller.

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Linn County Home Repair Program

Does your Linn County home need repairs? You may qualify for loans with 0% interest, 0% APR, and deferred repayment.

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Foreclosure Prevention Services

If you are behind on your mortgage or you anticipate not being able to keep up with your payments, let us help! Our foreclosure intervention counseling is free and could be your first step to recovering and getting your mortgage back on track.

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Community Partner and Employer Presentations

Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services periodically provides special one-time workshops on a range of financial and homeownership topics or series workshops in partnership with other organizations. These special community presentations supplement our other education services.

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