About WNHS

Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services is a private, nonprofit community development corporation committed to improving lives and strengthening communities through quality affordable housing, homeownership, economic opportunity, and community partnerships.

We fulfill our mission by:

Creating and preserving quality, affordable housing. We develop homes for renters and homebuyers and help people preserve the homes they have. We are committed to quality housing that makes people proud of where they live. We also provide supportive services to our existing residents to help them improve their circumstances.

Strengthening communities. Our development activities are designed to improve neighborhood life, and we provide supportive services that help residents become more involved in the life of their community.

Providing economic opportunity. We provide educational and financial services that help people build assets and create a more secure future.

Promoting community partnerships. As an active member of NeighborWorks® America, a national network of community-based organizations, we are committed to strong local partnerships with businesses, local government, neighborhood residents, and community leaders.

WNHS and NEDCO announce plans to merge!

Here’s the full announcement, released 11/20/2017