Community Building and Engagement

At WNHS, we believe that vibrant communities come from engaged residents working together to achieve common goals. WNHS facilitates this by providing programs that support resident-driven groups, facilitate community building activities and develop resident leaders. This results in strong community relationships.

Our Community Building and Engagement (CB&E) work supports our residents and their neighbors, creating opportunities for engagement, leadership and participation in their communities.

Projects include:

Through community partnerships, WNHS offers additional educational opportunities throughout the year at our properties that are open to the general public.  These include an environmental youth mentorship program with Avery House Nature Center and a Master Chefs’ cooking class for teens with the Linus Pauling Institute’s Healthy Youth Program.  We also offer various activity clubs for children and teens at our properties.  For more information, please contact Rebecka Weinsteiger at 541-752-7220 x312 or