Living Southtown

WNHS is supporting a grassroots community effort that aims to organize residents in support of a healthy, prosperous and inclusive neighborhood.  Over the next few years, South Corvallis has a potential to see significant new development related to food, housing, transportation and education; a commercial neighborhood center; a regional “food hub”; off-street pedestrian/bike paths; a new elementary school and development of new affordable housing.  These projects are not certain, but they’re more likely to happen and be done “right” if South Corvallis residents are involved, energized and unified by a compelling vision of their neighborhood’s future that is based on a shared commitment to inclusiveness and equity; especially if the neighborhood, in partnership with city government, can secure the right financing and development tools.

NEW!! Here’s a link to our Goals and Projects document.

Do you care about the future of South Corvallis?  Get involved today!  We will continue to have regular meetings, educational events and other efforts to continue developing this group and its goals.  To get on the email list, or for more information, contact