Health and Housing

WNHS believes everyone should have access to healthy living, regardless of income level.  As a result, WNHS provides services that bring health resources to its residents.

Healthy @ Home:  Community Health Work/Health Navigation

Healthy @ Home is a home-based health and wellness program, helping to connect health resources directly to residents.  By signing up for the program, participants will have access to:

  • Personal health coaching, with resident-set goals
  • Help understanding paperwork and finding healthcare providers
  • Assistance in signing up for benefits
  • Nutrition & fitness education
  • Diabetes or other chronic disease support
  • Unlimited future Healthy@Home programs

Please call 541-720-7220 x316 to find out more.  (Hablamos espanol)

Health Navigation Services

The primary goal of Health Navigation is to promote individual and community-wide health and well-being.  By reaching people where they live, WNHS is in a unique position to create a “medical neighborhood” in which Health Navigators offer services and resources targeted to the needs of low-income individuals, including seniors and families, living in WNHS housing.  Services will focus on:

  • Enrolling WNHS residents in IHN-CCO and providing navigation support for the open enrollment process.
  • Connecting residents with PCPCH accredited Medical Homes, helping residents to attend to preventative health appointments and screenings within the health care system.
  • Addressing other social determinates of health such as financial stability, nutrition, access to early childhood education (and other education, GED, etc.) and healthy affordable housing.