Linn Benton Health Equity Alliance

   Who we are…


Everyone in our region should be able to be healthy. Healthy communities begin where we live, work and play. Together we are working to ensure a future in which healthy opportunities are possible for everyone in Linn and Benton Counties.


We gather people from a variety of backgrounds to build on strengths and create policy, systems and environmental change so that everyone in every community has the opportunity to be healthy.

Guiding Principals

  • We promote opportunity, equity and access.
  • We demonstrate respect and dignity for all people.
  • We model inclusivity.
  • We achieve common goals through collaboration.
  • We work to empower individuals, organizations and communities to advocate for change.
  • We use relevant data to inform our decisions.

  Who we serve…

Our work focuses on key underserved populations across Linn and Benton Counties, including Latinos, African Americans, Arabic speakers, refugees, underrepresented ethnic groups, rural communities, historically disadvantaged people, low income families and individuals, LGBTQ people, and anyone experiencing health disparities.


  • Linn Benton Health Equity Alliance (LBHEA) creates trusted relationships and community partnerships. LBHEA’s close connections mean that our coalition members have each other to speed-dial. Members easily reach out to each other to collaborate when opportunities and challenges arise.
  • LBHEA has strengthened leadership capacity in our region by working with diverse populations to create new leaders.
  • LBHEA co-hosted regional summits on health, transportation and housing and is leading next steps in those areas.
  • LBHEA has worked to forge collaborative relationships with our Early Learning Hub and Coordinated Care Organization.
  • LBHEA helped to ensure the passage of the City of Corvallis Property Maintenance Code that created healthier living conditions and leads the way in health and housing policy planning initiatives.
  • LBHEA is changing the dialogue and focus around health and health equity in the region.

To get involved with LBHEA, contact Clarice Amorim-Freitas at or 541-752-7220 x315