Resident Services

These services are specifically designed for our affordable housing rentals

Eviction Prevention

Eviction Prevention is an important purpose of Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services and its efforts to help stabilize families. In most cases the property manager will refer households for these services; however, some households may self-refer. The Resident Services Team will prioritize referrals that could lead to a lease violation as though they are eviction prevention referrals. These include:

  • Late/non-payment of rent
  • Utility shut-off violations
  • Behavioral and housekeeping violations

The Resident Services Team provides referrals to local assistance programs, helps develop a plan of action, and may advocate for tenants with Property Management.

Resident Leadership Development

Over the past 4 years, WNHS’ Community Engagement and Resident Services programs have supported leadership development through collective impact efforts in our local communities. WNHS is the lead organization behind the “Complete South Corvallis” multi-year project to organize South Corvallis residents in support of a healthy, prosperous and inclusive neighborhood. WNHS sent 7 South Corvallis residents to the 2016 NeighborWorks Community Leadership Institute, an event that aims to strengthen the voices and skills of community, resident and volunteer leaders.

WNHS also supports residents in leading on-site activities, including art workshops, book clubs and writing programs.

On-Site Programming

WNHS hosts a variety of on-site activities throughout the year at our properties; from social events to healthy living events. Activities are geared towards residents of all ages. Family movie nights are held at our properties as well as giveaways of health supplies like toothbrushes and toothpaste. For information on upcoming programs, contact Rebecka Weinsteiger at 541-752-7220 x312 or