Important Message – Change to Fee and Services structure

Beginning Feb. 1st, Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services is implementing a Membership Fee for Services structure.  As our organization expands its program offerings, we will make all of our counseling and education services available for a $75 annual membership fee. We understand that this is a big change to how we have traditionally offered our services and we look forward to answering your questions and working with you while we make this transition.  Please see the FAQ below for more information:

Q:  I have a case in process already with WNHS, do I have to pay this fee to continue counseling or pay for classes I’ve already registered for?
A:  No. If you have received counseling for an case that is already in process or registered for a class before February 1st, you will only be responsible for the fees previously charged for these services.

Q:  What services come with my $75 fee?
A: For $75 you gain access to all of our of Asset Building Counselors and Educators for one full year.  In addition to a growing catalog of education programs, our counselors can provide valuable, individually tailored assistance to help you achieve your goals of home ownership, greater financial security, freedom from debt or a realistic, satisfying retirement plan.

Q:  Is the membership fee for individuals or households?
A:  Your membership fee gives everyone in your household access to our counseling and education services.

Q:  Are there any additional fees I can expect once I have paid for my annual membership?
A:  You may be charged additional fees for credit reports or to apply for an IDA program.  Please ask a member of our staff for more information.

Q:  What if I can’t afford the membership fee?
A:  WNHS can offer income-based scholarships and payment plans.  Please contact our office for more information (541-752-7220 x300 or