Valley Individual Development Account (VIDA)

The invaluable discipline of setting aside savings on a regular basis is a skill you can learn. And sometimes a little incentive helps. The Valley Individual Development Account Program (VIDA) helps you and your family purchase a home by matching your savings 3-to-1. Every dollar you save during a one- to two-year period is matched by three dollars, up to a total of $3,000 in matched funds annually. Our home ownership VIDAs are open to income-qualified residents of Linn or Benton Counties. Residents living in one of Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services’ affordable housing properties can enroll in VIDA to save for education or adaptive technology.

Applicants to the program must:

  • Demonstrate the ability to save by setting aside at least $25 per month for three consecutive months
  • Enroll in an 8-hour Dollars and Sense Workshop that covers basic budgeting and use of credit, as well as financial planning and asset building
  • Meet with a VIDA specialist to determine if they income qualify for the program

Participants receive an average of 10 hours of follow-up training and case management through the course of the program.

For more information about how Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services can help you access the VIDA program, send an email to or call us at 541.752.7220.